The House Café's food and beverage menus, hosting both Turkish and international flavours, are updated twice a year during summer and winter. Seasonal changes, world trends and customer feedbacks are evaluated in the new menu preparations. 

While there are minor differences among the branch menus, all The House Café branches serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aside from summer and winter menus, some branches serve pocket menus that offer customers weekly new flavours.

Meet The Chef

The creator of The House Café menus and kitchens' coordinator Hakan İnan, has done his culinary education at  Italian Culinary Institute, which is one of the most prestigious school's in Italy. During his education, Chef İnan worked in internationally known chefs at Michelen starred restaurants in Italy, such as Piazza Duomo, Antica Corona Reale, Relais Villa d'Amelia.

Şef Hakan İnal