Pleasures For Years


The House Café

The House Café brand originated in 2002 with the opening of the first branch in a typical 1960’s building in Teşvikiye. The first House Café drew attention for its cozy and contemporary interiors, as well its unique atmosphere achieved through an eclectic mix of authentic objects, antiques and finely locally crafted furniture. Upon opening its doors, The House Café was an immediate hit with sophisticated and metropolitan locals, becoming one of Istanbul’s most-loved and sought after destinations.

With the opening of a second branch in Ortaköy in 2005 The House Café embarked upon its journey of becoming one of the country’s most loved and successful café-restaurant chains. It was also at this time that we first began to work with the internationally renowned multidisciplinary design studio Autoban, a firm that is responsible for award-winning international projects across architecture, interiors, product and experiential design. This partnership has defined the signature look and identity of The House Café and Autoban continues to undertake the architectural design of all House Café branches today.

Since the day we opened, our philosophy and approach has centered around providing thoughtful service, fostering connection and community with our clientele and team, and making a difference as a leader in the sector.

The House Café prides itself as being one of the most trustworthy cafes in the sector, offering fresh, superior and healthy products in a family and friendly environment. As well as catering to international tastes, our menu is strongly rooted in the culture of local Turkish cuisine with delicious dishes that feel like home. Our menu changes twice a year in close observance of changing international food & beverage trends, and with our own special touch to create a truly unique and special selection.

Since 2002, our company’s primary goal has been to provide absolute customer satisfaction by serving high quality products in accordance with regulatory food & beverage standards and maintaining the highest quality service with a professional and experienced team who are socially and environmentally responsible.


We are committed to responsible sourcing & reducing our footprint.
We work to protect our community and customers, and to conserve our planet through preferring environmentally conscious practices.

At The House Café, we take sustainability very seriously in paving the way together towards building a better future. With the primary objective of promoting responsible sourcing in order to achieve long-term food-safety and nutrition-security for our future generations, our menus use products which are grown using hydroponics, a method of farming where plants are grown in nutrient-fortified water, rather than in soil. What’s more, our menus and portion sizes are strategically designed to minimize food waste and to contribute to the conservation and enrichment of natural resources. Towards reducing our environmental footprint, we are committed to eliminating single use plastics and to using glass and Tetra Pak packaged beverages only, as well using biodegradable and/or recyclable paper alternatives for our takeaways.

We are also committed to making a positive social impact for women’s empowerment, providing women with equal rights and opportunities in employment. Towards this aim, we source some of our bread, jam and tomato paste products from rural women producers in the country.

As part of our journey to create minimal impact on the environment, we ensure energy conservation in our branches by using energy-efficient bulbs and adjustable dimmer switches. We promote and support energy-saving and carbon-footprint reducing practices by repairing all devices before ever renewing them and through employing energy-efficient technologies and solutions always.